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MAY 26 - 28, 2023


Festival Workshops

3 Day Intensive May 25th Action Day Festival Workshops
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Permaculture is the science of applied ecological design that explicitly supports the care of the earth, the care of people and shares surplus.  It is fundamentally based in abundance. Through working with nature, rather than against it, permaculture allows us to creatively redesign our world by creating individual and community sovereignty in an environment with less energy and resource needs.  It is also really fun! Come join this year’s’ programing as we demonstrate aquaponics systems, companion planting, cob building, compost techniques, and host workshops where you can get down and dirty.  There will be experts on hand throughout the weekend ready to answer any questions and help you plan your garden space when you get back home!

SOULPATCH & Permaculture Corner

Permaculture Corner2016.PermacultureCorner.VIEW4
The Permaculture Corner is an interactive demonstration rich area where festival attendees can learn all about urban gardening and permaculture techniques as a means towards more resilient communities. The space has numerous active installations addressing topics such as composting, vertical gardening, natural building, food forests, aquaponics, companion planting, rain harvesting and conscious watering. The area, hosted by multiple organizations with roaming educators, will have detailed signage, overview information, and educational diagrams assisting newcomers in fully accessing the concepts. Following the festival, the Permaculture Corner aims to enhance the local food movement, gifting many of the garden displays to civic and educational organizations in the neighboring community.

Students of the 3-Day Permaculture Intensive will be encouraged to visit the space regularly throughout the weekend and offer up conversations and educational support as music lovers visit and interact with the installations. Every component of the Permaculture Corner will be addressed in different portions of the workshop so that the students can act as ambassadors to the principles of permaculture and urban gardening. Several discussions and hands-on classes will also contribute to the ongoing education throughout the weekend in the Soulshine Workshop Tent.

Workshops in the Soulshine Tent  
The Soulshine Tent will host many discussions and ongoing classes around permaculture and gardening, offering an opportunity to slow down and enjoy some shade while engaging in conversations about the future of food culture.  

SOULPATCH2016.SoulPatch.FRONTVIEW 2016 marks the beginning of SOULPATCH, Summer Camp Music Festivals’ long-term garden space dedicated to permaculture and urban gardening education. The development of this space will grow over time and provide an opportunity to demonstrate a variety of growing methods. As part of the 3-Day Permaculture Intensive, students will actively participate in natural building practices, having a first hand experience in some of the cornerstone installations that will serve an educational purpose for years to come. Designing a property requires a well thought out master plan, a portion of the 3-Day Intensive will address long-term planning needs through visioning the SOULPATCH plot.

Permaculture News
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