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MAY 26 - 28, 2023



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Applications to join a volunteer team for Summer Camp Music Festival will be accepted from December through Mayor until all positions are filled.

Applicants with cash deposits may be accepted at the gate until all positions are filled. However, it is very possible that all positions will be filled prior to the festival, so it is best to get your volunteer team Deposit Ticket as soon as possible. If we do have open volunteer positions, schedules will given as needed with no requests allowed.

The deposit generally matches the gate price of the festival to ensure that volunteers will complete their hours. If hours are not completed and the deposit is not returned, the patron has then paid a ticket price equal to (or near equal to) purchasing a ticket at the gate. 

There is a $20 non-refundable application fee with every deposit.  This money supports the volunteer program, including the Summer Camp water bottle given to every volunteer (not available to anyone who does not volunteer).

Please start by reading all the steps on the JOIN A VOLUNTEER TEAM page. All applicants must purchase a volunteer deposit ticket using a major credit card, as indicated on the site. 

After purchasing the deposit ticket, applicants must fill out the volunteer form entirely, INCLUDING THE TICKET SERIAL NUMBER (this is the number included in your confirmation email) and the NAME ON THE CREDIT CARD.

Deposits will be credited to respective credit cards after the festival with completion of all required shifts. Members who complete their hours will receive the price of the deposit back, less the non-refundable $20 application fee. If for any reason an applicant is denied to volunteer, the applicant will be notified as soon as possible and the deposit (less the application fee) will be credited to the respective credit card.

ONLY credit cards will be accepted prior to the event. ONLY cash will be accepted at the gate, if positions are still available.

Unfortunately regular purchased tickets cannot be refunded. ALL team members must purchase the appropriate Deposit Ticket in order to join a volunteer team.

Payment plans are no longer available this close to the event. Visit the Deposits and Applications page for more info.

Applicants must be able to provide proof of age that he or she is 18 or older by the first day of his or her volunteering at the festival.

Once an applicant’s ticket confirmation and application are BOTH received, the applicant is AUTOMATICALLY accepted. You will only receive an email if there are errors in your application. If you have signed up early enough in the year, you will receive a schedule request form a few weeks prior to the festival (when the stage schedule is released). If you sign up after this, you will be scheduled as needed.

Deposit tickets are will-call only so that there is no confusion at the box office and your ticket does not get scanned (as scanned tickets can not be refunded!). 

You will go to the Box Office to pick up your wristband when you arrive at the festival, not HR as has been in previous years. Don’t worry, all of this will be sent out in detail to confirmed volunteers before the festival!

Our system is set up so that it is not possible to fill out an application before purchasing a Deposit ticket.  If somehow this is completed, your application will be void.

If for some unseen reason an applicant is not accepted and payment has been received, the applicant will be credited on the respective credit card in full, less the application fee of the Deposit Ticket.


Due to the large volume of volunteers at Summer Camp, we allow requests, but CAN NOT GUARANTEE they be met. Team members may request to work at the same time as a friend, to see a specific show, or to NOT work on certain days (i.e. will not be arriving til Friday night so can not work until Saturday morning). Only ONE of these requests will be taken into consideration.

Applicants should mark on the scheduling request forms (sent out closer to the event to confirmed volunteers) to signify whether or not they will be available to work Thursday or Monday. If Thursday or Monday is marked as available, the applicant must be available to work Thursday or Monday, however that does not guarantee a shift on Thursday or Monday.

Only members who are scheduled to work Thursday morning (8am) or afternoon (12pm) will be asked to arrive at the festival on Wednesday evening, before gates open. Those working later in the evening (4pm or 8pm) will arrive on site on Thursday after gates have opened.

No team member will work more than one shift per day, nor may it be requested.

Volunteers are scheduled randomly over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, with the possibility of shifts on Thursday or Monday if requested by said team member.

Every shift begins at either 8am, 12pm, 4pm or 8pm, lasting 5 hours (unless sorting on the Green Team, then lasting 4 hours). Monday shifts begin at 9am or 1pm, to allow everyone an extra hour of sleep.

Once the music schedule is released, volunteer managers will email a schedule request form. Final schedules will be emailed to accepted team members the week prior to Summer Camp Music Festival.


General Volunteers will work three (3) five (5) hour shifts throughout the weekend. Everyone will work at least two shifts Friday through Sunday with the option of requesting shifts on Thursday or Monday.

Green Team volunteers have two options of completing hours, but every Green Team member will complete one sorting shift. Green Team members can either work two (2) five (5) hour shifts AND one (1) four (4) hour sorting shift OR may choose to work three (3) four (4) hour sorting shifts.

If any volunteer Manager feels that a team member is under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs and cannot perform the assigned duties, the volunteer will be relieved of duties and forfeit the deposit. Absolutely no exceptions will be made or discussed.

A team member may also be relieved of duties if the supervisor does not feel the team member has completed duties as requested, or completed their shift at their designated assignment. In this case, said team member will forfeit the deposit.

If you register as a volunteer and are accepted, but do not show up to work a shift or even show up at the festival at all, you will forfeit your deposit and your credit card will not be credited.

All team members may camp in any general area. Team members may not camp in VIP (unless a VIP ticket has been purchased) or Staff camping.


In return for working the specified shifts, team members will be credited their deposit 15 WORKING DAYS after the festival. Team members DO NOT receive free merchandise, preferred camping, or any specialty tickets (i.e. late night, VIP, etc). All team members may enter the festival on Thursday without purchasing a Pre-Party Pass.

Every deposit includes a $20 application fee, which is non-refundable.  Your refund will be for deposit ticket face value only.

In return for working the specified shifts, team members will be credited their deposit to the respective credit card 15 WORKING days after the festival has ended.


Yes. You may inquire about the Summer Camp Street Team by visiting the Street Team page.

If you have read through this and your question remains unanswered, please fill out the contact form.

General Volunteers:

Green Team:

If you have serious suggestions from past volunteering experiences or just in general, or would simply like to share your memories please email: or



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