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MAY 26 - 28, 2023


Summer Camp Is For Lovers

Jacob Richard Bauer

Jacob Richard Bauer

General Volunteer 2019

It was my girlfriend (Raelyn) and I’s first festival together and her second festival in general so Scamp will always hold a special place in our hearts for that. It really helped us feel each other out like nothing else really could. Our relationship has been going strong ever since with no signs of slowing down!

Our story starts after we drag all of our stuff to our mutual friend’s spot right near Shakedown… We got to the volunteer meetup on the first day of the fest and met some awesome folks right off the bat. Our lead counselor was super funny and witty but about his business! First of all he was super accommodating to us being a couple and let us work together which was amazing for her because it was her real festival. He told us we would be working the front gate linking Scamper’s credit cards to their wristband so they could buy drinks etc. with it.

All was smooth sailing, greeting and meeting homies as they got in for the first day. On the second day of our shifts traffic slowed down considerably because most people who were going to link their card did so on the first day. Something happened where our supervisor had to get on a golf cart and go take care of a situation so we were manning the booths by ourselves as we proved we knew what we were doing. It’s important to note that the wristband link booth was right at the front gates so we can see a good portion of the lot pretty clearly. So as we were hanging out enjoying the shade talking about life, we saw someone that appeared to be naked in the distance on the lot and we just kinda snickered about it and didn’t think much of it. About 5 minutes later we see another naked guy with high tube socks and super curly hair walking the same direction as the other guy we just saw. We thought it was hilarious and started joking that there was an orgy about to start in the parking lot. We laughed and eventually moved on to a new subject but then about 10 or 15 minutes after we saw the last naked guy I saw something pink hurling through the sky between and over cars in the lot. I got out of the tent to take a look as there were no patrons to help out and once I got about 20 paces from the tent I saw these guys playing catch with a sizable pink dildo like it was a frisbee. I obviously told and showed Raelyn the situation and we cracked up laughing about it for what seemed like an hour. 

Honestly, I was kind of worried she’d be overwhelmed and weirded out but she thought it was so funny and we still talk about it once in a while to this day! The naked guys disappeared to do who knows what but I just hope they washed and sanitized the thing before putting it to its intended use. I wasn’t holding my breath on that though hahaha

That’s our story! Hope you liked it and hope it helps us experience our first year of Scamp VIP as we have heard great things about it.