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MAY 26 - 28, 2023




The festival takes place on natural, flat grounds. No cement walkways or otherwise have been added. Most areas are maneuverable by wheelchairs or other motorized vehicles.


Accessible parking is available, as long as the car being used holds a handicap parking pass. When you arrive at the festival, ask for accessible parking and you will be properly directed.

If you need help unloading your car into the grounds, you can ask any of the box office staff to put you in touch with the parking manager. This person will arrange a golf cart ride to escort your items into the park at their earliest convenience. You will also be given information on how to contact a parking attendant to load up and exit the park on Monday.

Accessible Pass

You may ask for an Accessible Pass to bring with you into the park at the Box Office.  This pass can be carried with you around the park to ask for golf cart rides, access to handicap seating areas, and other accessible needs.


As a part of our contract with FestiCab, you may request a free ride from any FestiCab golf cart or service.

Accessible Seating

You may use your accessible pass to enter the VIP seated area of each stage. Please understand that there is still standing room in the front of this area, so it may be difficult to see if you are not in the bleachers. However, our staff is available to help to the best of their ability in offering you an accessible seat or viewing spot.


Because Summer Camp is on flat ground, there is no designated accessible camping area as all areas are accessible. It is up to each patron to decide whether a certain area is more difficult to access than others.

Accessible Porta Potties

Accessible porta potties can be found throughout the grounds. You will find location information on the map once you arrive on site, as well as signs for the accessible restrooms.

Service Animals

Patrons with service animals must check in with the Box Office to receive a Service Animal pass. Only animals with this pass will be allowed on site. If at any time the animal is out of control, puts patrons at risk, is uncontrollably loud, acts as a threat to other patrons, or is abandoned by owner and left alone in the park or car, our staff has the right to request that your animal be removed from the grounds.

Motorized Vehicles/Mobility Devices

Motorized wheelchairs and scooters with three plus wheels are allowed to be used by patrons with disabilities. No golf carts, 2 wheel scooters, or other motorized vehicles may be used. All mobility devices should be operated no faster than walking speed.

Charging Stations

Patrons with motorized mobility devices that need to be charged may do so at the Soulshine Tent (at own risk) from 10am-8pm.

On Site Help/Accessibilty Center

If at any time, while on site, you have more questions, need assistance or just want to say hi, swing by the Soulshine Tent for more information. Our staff is there to help!


For any questions, or if you can’t find what you need here, please email Vanessa at



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