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MAY 26 - 28, 2023


Joe, The Loyal Green Teamer

First off I would just like to take a minute and thank you for being awesome and allowing people to have the chance to help keep the park clean while still attending a kickass festival. My favorite memory for the green team was my first year volunteering in 2011. You know….the year we all almost got tornadoed Lol. I was standing there in the open area of the sunshine stage when out of nowhere the wind picked up. Then someone got on stage and started telling everyone to evacuate and go to their cars/tents. Probably 2 minutes later I saw it. The most brutal looking death cloud I have ever seen! It was monstrous! A huge mass of cylindrical swirling horror! It was spinning to the left while at the same time flowing up and around its self (if that makes any sense). That’s when the wind came. Tents were flying people were running and everything was going crazy! THEN! The rain. That was some brutal intense rain. BUT! I stood my ground and started helping folks that were in a panic. Its amazing how much authority people think you have when your wearing one of those vests Lol. But I did my best. I saved some ladies umbrella that went flying. I showed people where to go and told folks that they should probably take cover. But that when it got REALLY bad. Like really really bad. I saw another green team vest running towards shelter so I figured it would probably be a good time to go try and check in with Vanessa (I believe that’s her name) after running all the way to the green team trailer I discovered nobody was there….so I went and took shelter in my tent while the storm passed. While I was laying in my tent a huge branch fell narrowly missing my tent by a few inches! After the storm settled I went back to the green team trailer to return my kickass green team vest and offered to work the 2 hours of my shift spent in my tent. Being awesome they told me that everything was all good and that I could go continue my festival adventures!

Once again. Thank you for being awesome and giving people the chance to attend the festival while helping to keep it green. I really enjoy heckling folks to recycle and put their trash in the proper can. Or in 2012 you guys gave us those raffle tickets to hand out. I made people do some absolutely ridiculous things for a raffle ticket Lol. I made one guy bring me 20 cigarette butts and another girl brought a giant bag of trash to the cans and I convinced her to desperate it all for a raffle ticket. I found out towards the end of my shift that I actually gave the girl a winning ticket! She came back and thanked me and hugged me and even gave me fruit snacks Lol. So once again thank you for being awesome and encouraging miracles to happen.

Joe Allen. A loyal green team volunteer.

P.s. sorry for my terrible grammar. I plan on going green team again this year.