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MAY 26 - 28, 2023


Joe Finds Treasures and Meets Keller Williams

One story I have is from last year when they gave us the raffle tickets to give away. I made people do some ridiculous things for those tickets. I asked one guy bring to me 30 cigarette butts for one another girl that was camped close by I asked her to clean all the trash off the ground around her camp for a ticket. She did and brought back WAY more trash than I expected. I also gave away a winning ticket! The girl I gave it to even came back and found me to thank me and let me know how grateful she was. Also I some how always find amazing interesting things in the trash when I do my sorting shift. The first year I volunteered I found $19 and some Summer Camp shirts! And last year I found some moe. CDs and posters! I kindly gave away one of the CD and posters to this guy I was working with (cant remember his name).

Overall I have had some AMAZING experiences volunteering and I plan on doing it again this year because its just so much fun. Thank you for giving all the people who cant really afford to go a chance to be there and have so much fun at the greatest music festival around! O! And thank you for the Everyone Orchestra! That was the highlight of my first year at Summer Camp! I do plan on coming back as a volunteer again this year in full force. I have been extra green lately and I’m looking forward to giving back to the people and keeping Summer Camp clean so we can do it again next year. I don’t have many pictures of me while I was working. But I do have one picture of me in a “photo booth”. It was right next to me while I was working and the guy running it kept giving me free things because he liked what I was doing for the festival. Once again thank you SO much for giving me and other people like me the chance to go and experience Summer Camp. It is a truly magical place filled with joy and excitement. And last year KELLER WILLIAMS came up to me and told me I was doing a good job! That completely blew my mind!

But once again thank you very much. I have had amazing experiences and made some life long friends at Summer Camp and I hope I can do it all again this year. I’m planning on putting down my deposit as soon as I get my next paycheck.

Thank you! From your friend and loyal volunteer

p.s. virtual hugs!