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MAY 26 - 28, 2023


Christopher Makes a Difference with Rock the Earth

As 2014 was getting closer and closer to Memorial Day weekend, I didn’t think I was going to make it to SCAMP. Very dissapointing. . . But 2 days before the weekend my friend Shelby called me and told me she has a friend who needs someone to volunteer in exchange for a free ticket. Shelby gave me a number and I called right away to be greeted by someone who worked for Rock the Earth. They explained that they do need a hand and that if I make it by Friday they can give me a wristband in exchange for helping out all weekend. I was stoked.

I rode down with my buddy Huggs and we got to Summer Camp on Thursday night. It was already late and I had no way in but had no trouble finding peeps to party with in the parking lot with while I tried to figure out how to get my wristband from the inside. I ended up having Huggs friend find the Rock the Earth people and ask them to meet me at the front. They put my wristband on through the fence and I proceeded inside to set up camp late Thursday night and party until my first shift.

I met the Rock the Earth team on Friday morning. They explained my shifts and their exceptions of me. I had no problem working their booth as it pretty much meant I was talking to festival goers who walked up to the booth about Rock the Earth. I would explain the organization’s mission, active history, and then try to get festival goers to sign up and support the organization. I felt like this is was an ideal spot for me because my real job is at a non-profit where I occasionally work a both doing this same thing.

All weekend it was a blast to volunteer. The Rock the Earth team was friendly, fun, and hospitable. The shifts were only until evening, so I didn’t have to miss any headlining acts that I was super stoked to see. I made a ton of new great friends. I had signed up with Rock the Earth, so they gave me a hat which I still wear today. It was so terrific to feel like I was making a difference at Summer Camp that year.

To touch back on the friends I made – what a fun group! They spotted me everywhere through the festival and we raged together at Umphreys McGee, the Avett Brothers, and Trey on the last night! We played some kickball together too! Some of my favorite moments from that year included chatting/playing giant jenga with spunions in the morning at Rock the Earth, and raging with the new friends I met at Lotus and Moe. I have attached a pic of me and some new and old friends at Rock the Earth. Having been to 4 so far, 2014 was definitely one of my favorite SCAMPS to date, and it almost didn’t even happen that year.

Cheers to another epic Memorial Day weekend this summer!