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MAY 26 - 28, 2023


Benjamin Makes a Great Case!

If being at Summer Camp over memorial day weekend is a priority to you, why not go for free?!

I’ve realized over time that there are two general types of S’Campers:

a). The camper that hangs out and observes the awesomeness from the sidelines. These folks, more often than not, are the first timers or old timers – which is totally fine!


b). The camper that does what ever they can to contribute to the awesomeness of Summer Camp. These folks are the S’camp veterans and VOLUNTEERS. These individuals know that awesomeness at Summer Camp doesn’t just happen automatically, but that you must MAKE it happen!

One quick story to share:
If you’ve been to Summer Camp before, you know to expect the unexpected. While I was on duty back in 2007, it was getting late and I was starting to feel that satisfying feeling of fatigue from getting my S’Camp on throughout the day. I started walking back through the woods when out of no where I felt something bounce off my torso. Not thinking anything of it I kept walking and then I felt the same thing bounce off my back. It was dark so I turned my headlamp on and turned around to find an innocent marshmallow sitting on the trail. It took me a moment, but I realized that a clever out of site S’camper was launching harmless marshmallows in my direction. Intrigued by the situation I spotted the marshmallow sniper and asked to see his weaponry. He showed me a fine piece of craftsmanship made from PBC piping and creativity. We got to talking, I ended up crashing at their campsite, and made some amazing new friends that I’m very close with to this day. When morning came, we said our goodbyes and I was pelted once more in the back with a marshmallow and I just had to laugh by the perfectly executed timing. A small but significant memory that truly captures only a hint of the magic contained at Summer Camp.

Three Sisters Park is a special place to be over Memorial Day weekend, and theirs no better way to be apart of the experience than to help out as a volunteer and claim your free ticket.

See you there! Bring your smile and your shenanigans!