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MAY 26 - 28, 2023


Anay Sees Favorite Band and Hooping Hero!

Money was tight, but not going to Summer Camp was not an option. I had procrastinated buying a ticket but I knew I was going to make it! I could afford to buy a ticket, or I could go for free! I applied to be on the Green Team and crossed my fingers that it wasn’t too late and I’d be accepted. I was! My friends were bummed that I’d be missing out on some of the shows because I’d be volunteering but I tried to tell them that everything was going to work out! The first day, I was schedule to work while BoomBox was playing, one of my favorite performers at Summer Camp. But, it just so happened that the recycling station I was schedule to work at was right next to the Starshine stage where BoomBox was performing! “AWESOME!!” I thought! Thank you Summer Camp Gods! The next day I was scheduled to volunteer right after the Michelle Bell’s hula hoop workshops were held. Perfect! After the hula hoop workshop I headed to my station, located right on Shakedown Street a few feet away from my camp sight! I couldn’t believe it. At least I could see my friends as they headed to and from show and they could bring me water and treats! It was extremely hot this day and I was sitting in the sun baking. I saw a tall girl with blonde curly hair carrying at least 10 silver hula hoops walking towards me on the path. Wow that girl looks exactly like my hooping hero I thought. A little over year before I had StumbledUpon a YouTube video of a hula hoop dancer street performing in London, her name was Lisa Lottie. After watching her video about 15 times, completely amazed, I ordered my first hula hoop. The girl got closer to me, I didn’t have my glasses on, the sun was in my eyes, I was squinting so hard. Holy crap it was Lisa Lottie!!! I couldn’t breath! “GET UP!!” I thought. “Where’s your phone or camera!?!! I was having a hard time getting off my chair. I had created an umbrella with my hula hoops and top to try and stay outta the sun. I scrambled for my phone. Once I was able to get unstuck I looked up and lost sight of her. She was gone! I was so upset! I looked around but couldn’t find her. I went back to my seat. I didn’t end up seeing her the rest of the day but I was ok with that. I couldn’t believe that had even seen her. Somehow I was placed at the right place at the right time that entire weekend. I later found out that Lisa had a surprise performance at Summer Camp from her Facebook, I would have never even known she was there if I hadn’t seen her walk by.